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Frequently Asked Questions

ICSE - I Can Speak English.

You can’t buy individual units. Once payment is made, you have access to the entire package. Furthermore, you can randomly pick any unit in any level and that unit will serve you well as a great once off lesson or for several lessons.

Everything is available on our platform. Once payment is made, you have access to the platform. All content is printable and can be displayed (IOS app also available). In other words, if you don’t want to print something you can display it on a computer screen, TV, projector screen, smartboard etc. Most content is downloaded such as the worksheets, video lessons, phonics videos, sight word videos, flashcards and more, to share with your students. The platform is accessible from anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

Absolutely! The curriculum is perfectly suited for both EFL online teaching and classroom teaching. The game revision system involves playing printed out card games and board games, so that obviously isn’t practical for online teaching but everything else most certainly is.

It’s for anyone who has the simple basics in place, regardless of age. It’s a good match for students who are starting Grade 1, who have had some exposure to English from their kindergarten experience. I would recommend that students start this course when they are in Grade 1 or Grade 2 or the last level of kindergarten (if they are advanced). It’s best suited for EFL and ESL students between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.

Absolutely yes! The EFL training course walks you through all you need to know about teaching each section found in the units as well as how to set up your class, class time management and control, lesson plan breakdown, semester plan breakdown, and much more. It’s a very useful and practical course for a newbie (as well as for an experienced teacher) and includes class time videos so that you can see all the teaching skills and techniques you’ll need in action.

No! You can apply these teaching methods and classroom management techniques to most EFL situations you’ll find yourself in.

This curriculum was designed for:

  • Teachers who need quality content to teach their EFL or ESL students.
  • Parents who want to teach their own child/children.
  • Anyone who needs a professional curriculum and teaching method to teach EFL or ESL students.

Yes! Parents can go through the training as well. A few sections of the training won’t be relevant to parents but most will be. The training will cover all a parent needs to know about how to teach their child/children using this curriculum. Another option for parents would be to hire a private teacher to teach the curriculum and that teacher can undergo the training.

To give you an idea, teaching once a week for 90 minutes to 2 hours (32 - 40 weeks a year):

For a group of 4 to 6 students, there is enough content, if used properly, for 4 years. Generally, 1 year for level 1, 18 months for level 2 and 18 months for level 3.

For a group of 8 students, there is enough content, if used properly, for 5 years.

For a single student (teaching one on one), there is enough content, if used properly, for more or less 3 years.

Please note: the above can vary depending on the age and level of the student/s.

No! Our teaching methods work very well and go hand in hand with the curriculum. If you are confident in your own teaching abilities then you can use your own teaching method/style.