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ICSE’s EFL Curriculum and Teacher Training Course

Your all-in-one Curriculum and Teaching System for EFL and ESL students

  • No More Lesson Planning
  • Unique Storyboard Method
  • Built-in Differentiation and Expansion
  • Training Course including Teaching Videos
  • Game Revision System
  • Unique Built-in Repetition Features
  • Perfect for New and Experienced Teachers
  • Perfect for Online and Classroom Teaching
So, what makes us unique?

We directly address the problems EFL teachers and EFL curriculums have.

Specifically the problems with teaching a diverse group of students in a manner where they can retain and transfer learnt content from short to long-term memory.

Let's look at some of these problems.

  1. Your students quickly forget what they learn.
    Many EFL curriculums don’t build enough on previously learnt content. With a lack of consistent, constructive and creative repetition, students forget learnt content quickly.
  2. You don’t have enough relevant content.
    Struggling to find enough quality content that’s a good match for your students? As a result, you’re spending too much time looking for relevant content and on lesson planning.
  3. You struggle dealing with students who have different efficiency levels of English.
    You know that feeling when you’ve got students of different ages and levels in the same class. It’s daunting!
  4. How to help students catch up who join mid-semester?
    Nothing is worse than when you’ve finally got your group of students doing well after months of hard work and then newbies arrive.
  5. You’re not sure how to teach the content!
    Ever thought, ‘How am I supposed to teach this?’ ‘Why didn’t training cover this part?’ ‘I just don’t know what to do!’
  6. The curriculum books aren’t student/parent-friendly.
    Students and parents can be easily intimidated by books where pages are filled with dozens upon dozens of lines of text. They’re often too hard for students and difficult for parents to follow.
  7. Your students’ parents often seem unimpressed.
    You’ve just finished the greatest class of your life only to see parents who seem to be expecting more.
  8. Your students aren’t engaged and are misbehaving?
    We’ve all been there. That feeling you get when you’re giving your all during class only to see students yawning. Worse yet is when students are misbehaving and classroom control seems more like classroom out of control.

But imagine this...

What if you could have your own EFL curriculum and teaching system that SOLVES the above problems and makes your life much easier?

  • What if you had teaching content structured in a way where previously learnt content is constantly reviewed? Our EFL curriculum features 3 main built-in creative repetition features: (A) 'Short-Term' repetition – within each unit, (B) 'Medium-Term' repetition – between units, and (C) 'Long-Term' repetition – between levels.
  • What if you had 4 to 5 years’ worth of quality content? All content is brilliantly organised into 3 levels with a total of 36 units presented in an easy-to-follow step-by-step method.
  • What if you had easy- to-implement built-in differentiation and expansion features in every unit? You can easily tailor content in real time to students who are more advanced or to students that learn at a slower pace, even when they’re in the same class!

  • What if you had a way to help students catch up who were absent or joining late? The built-in differentiation helps here but that’s not all. Also available are video lessons (and more) for all units for students to review at home.
  • What if you had a complete EFL training course specifically designed for this curriculum? Our EFL training course covers in detail, with class videos, how to easily teach each section of a unit, how to keep students engaged, how to easily achieve and maintain a high level of classroom management and much more.
  • What if you had content that’s super easy to follow for teachers, students and parents? Our curriculum is picture based, thus much more appealing to young students. Each unit is broken down into easy-to-follow sections.

  • What if you had a proven curriculum and teaching system that’s easily explained to parents? The ‘ICSE System’ document explains in incredible detail how it all works. Our suggested evaluation method makes it easy to track progress made by students, thus giving parents more confidence and making communication much easier.
  • What if you had a proven classroom management system that included ready-made fun games? These games review content taught in class. The Game Revision System plays these games in a way that brings back previously learnt content consistently and efficiently. The training course teaches you all about classroom management and how it ties into the Game Revision System.


ICSE’s EFL Curriculum and Teaching System

A professional and proven EFL curriculum presented in a perfectly organised system with a teaching method to go with it.

ICSE’s EFL Curriculum includes:

  • 3 levels, 12 units per level (4 to 5 years of content): Suitable for both online and classroom teaching.

  • Curriculum-specific worksheets: Worksheets (and answers) for each unit. Over 100 pages of worksheets.

  • Curriculum-specific card games: 12 decks of cards (each deck reviews 3 units).

  • Curriculum-specific board games: 36 board games (a topic-specific board game per unit).

  • Curriculum-specific flashcards: Over 470 flashcards (vocabulary and storyboards).

  • Video lessons: 36 video lessons for students to review at home. One for each unit.

  • In-depth EFL training course: Covering all you need to know in detail which includes teaching videos.


Continue reading for more details…

ICSE’s EFL Curriculum Units include:

  1. Vocabulary: All levels (391 key vocabulary words).

  2. Sentence Structures: All levels (120 sentence structures).

  3. Stories: All levels (36 stories including 12 dialogues using our unique storyboard method).

  4. Describe the Picture: Levels 2 and 3 (24 pictures).

  5. Sight words: All levels (108 of the most common sight words, used repeatedly).

  6. Grammar: Levels 2 and 3 (focusing on verbs and adjectives).

  7. Questions: All levels (165 questions).

  8. Jokes, Riddles, Idioms: Level 3 (36 jokes, riddles and idioms).

  9. Worksheets: All levels (worksheets for every unit).

  10. Benchmarks: All levels (for each unit).

  11. Built-in Differentiation and Expansion: All levels (and how to incorporate them in class).

Don't forget your in-depth EFL training course covering all you need to know PLUS class time videos.

  Training Course
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  ICSE Curriculum Level 1
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The EFL training course is very practical and insightful for both new and experienced teachers and includes class time videos so that you can see many of the teaching skills and techniques you’ll learn in action. The training course alone is worth the price of the whole package.

Let's get into it!

We aim to give students a solid English foundation on which they can build.

We aim to provide a solid, basic working knowledge of the English language that will not be forgotten easily because of our unique, constant and creative repetition features that will help transfer learnt content from short to long-term memory efficiently, while at the same time providing teachers with enough quality content to present in an easy-to-follow step-by-step fashion to a diverse group of students.

To better understand our approach, we first need to understand how the brain works when learning something new.

How do people learn?

The brain works like this...

Learning something new means re-arranging the way our brains work.

Our brain has a hundred billion brain cells all connected together. Learning is about creating and strengthening pathways through these brain cells for impulses of electricity. But between each and every connection in our brains, there is a tiny gap called a synapse.

For any of us to learn something new the electrical signal has to jump across this gap to continue its trip.

It's like building a bridge over a river.
Starting to build the bridge is very difficult.

The first time a signal crosses from one brain cell to the other is the most difficult and it is the same when starting to build the first section of a bridge. But after the first section, it gets easier and a bridge starts forming.

Then day after day, with more and more work, it gets stronger until it’s finished and it’s effortless to cross the river – hooray! New information has successfully been transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Therefore, if there is no constructive repetition built into a curriculum, it will be very easy to forget newly learnt information.

About the curriculum

The ICSE Curriculum works like this...

The ICSE Curriculum incorporates constructive and continuous repetition to help students transfer learnt content from short to long term-memory. In other words, our curriculum is designed to remind students of learnt content frequently so that maximum retention takes place.

A simple example:

A student learns a new word and tries to remember it, but five minutes later it’s forgotten. If the student were to be reminded of it within five minutes, it would be remembered for longer. After that, the student would need another reminder.

Each time the student is reminded, he or she remembers the word for longer until he or she remembers the word without being reminded because the new word has been transferred from their short to long-term memory.

Each time a student begins to forget learnt content, chances are they’ll be reminded of it through one of the three main revision features.

In the 3 videos below, we’ll take a brief look at the journey students and teachers take through all three levels using one unit and how the 3 Unique Built-in Repetition features work.

  1. Short-Term Repetition
  1. Long-Term Repetition
  1. Medium-Term Repetition
Take a peek inside...

Here’s a brief look at the curriculum layout:


Level 1 Units:

  1. Living Room
  2. Computer
  3. Movies
  4. Kitchen
  5. Chinese Food
  6. Restaurant
  7. Places
  8. Directions
  9. Transport
  10. School Subjects
  11. Sports Equipment
  12. Hobbies

PLUS: Worksheets for each unit

PLUS: Flashcards for each unit

PLUS: Board Game for each unit: 12 Board Games

PLUS: Video Lesson for each unit: 12 Video Lessons

PLUS: Playing Cards: 4 Decks


Level 2 Units:

  1. Living Room
  2. Technology
  3. Movies
  4. Kitchen
  5. Countries and Food
  6. Restaurant
  7. Places
  8. Directions
  9. Transport and Signs
  10. School and Health
  11. Sports Equipment
  12. Hobbies

PLUS: Worksheets for each unit

PLUS: Flashcards for each unit

PLUS: Board Game for each unit: 12 Board Games

PLUS: Video Lesson for each unit: 12 Video Lessons

PLUS: Playing Cards: 4 Decks


Level 3 Units:

  1. Living Room
  2. Technology
  3. Movies
  4. Kitchen
  5. Chinese Food
  6. Restaurant
  7. Places
  8. Directions
  9. Transport, Signs and Cars
  10. School, Health and Music
  11. Sports Equipment
  12. Hobbies (Travelling)

PLUS: Worksheets for each unit

PLUS: Flashcards for each unit

PLUS: Board Game for each unit: 12 Board Games

PLUS: Video Lesson for each unit: 12 Video Lessons

PLUS: Playing Cards: 4 Decks


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What are teachers saying?

Sophia Tsesmelis

"The attention to detail is exceptional. There’s everything a teacher needs - training, a curriculum, all the materials you need to use plus practical in-class techniques to serve a range of students. Particularly helpful is the class management, how to structure the lessons and use the phonics, sight word videos, and games during class in a time-effective way."

Peter Bengtson

"The storyboards work really well for my students. It really makes them think. What is eye-catching is how you can quickly adapt content to students with different learning needs, that’s very useful and seamless. It’s also great for my online classes. The way the units are structured makes life easy for both me and my students. I’ve had a few students that have joined late and struggled to catch up to the other students. The video lessons have helped them catch up to the required level in a matter of weeks."

Linda Wanki

"Wow! There’s definitely more than enough teaching material here. Got to love the card and board games. There is a lot of them too. Having the curriculum, teaching method and a means to explain it all to parents has enabled me to save a lot of time recruiting students as I’m now retaining a much higher percentage of my students. Andrew’s training course is the best one I’ve done, he leaves no stone unturned. You can tell he’s a seasoned pro."

Tanya Zhuchkova

"The training is great. He shows you some videos of his classes so you get to see what is being taught in training used in real classes. The general lay out of the curriculum makes it very easy to teach. That was important for me because at the time I had been teaching for less than 12 months and had no experience teaching private students. The ‘Marketing Package’ is a nice touch. My students’ parents were quite excited after reading that. The price is very affordable too. I had started with 6 private students on weekends. One or two weekends of work was more than enough to pay for everything and I got between 100 and 200 weekends' worth of teaching material. Good deal!"

Roman Tuzhilkov

"Compared to what’s out there, this is in a class of its own. The training course is informative. I’m an experienced teacher and I still picked up some good tips especially for class control. The built-in differentiation is a breath of fresh air as it doesn’t involve any additional preparation. It’s ideal for someone who wants to teach EFL or ESL students privately, even if you aren’t interested in the proposed teaching method and the advanced concepts such as differentiation and expansion. The ICSE curriculum in its simplest form still provides more than enough teaching content for most EFL teachers to thrive."

Von Ker

"Thanks Andrew, I love this! It’s so useful as I don’t need to spend time planning for my classes anymore. The ‘built-in repetition’ and ‘game revision system’ works wonders once students are familiar with the games. My students love game time and it’s nice that the English they are using during game time is the same English that we do in class. My first thought was that there’s a lot of printing involved but Andrew explains in the training course how to get around this easily. It’s well thought out and put together nicely."

Quresh Jawadwala

"I was only looking for ready-made lessons that I could use in my classes and this is perfect for that. I wasn’t interested in all the other stuff like phonics, sight words, expansion and differentiation. But going through the training and using the lessons a few times, I realised just how useful it all is and how simple it is to use in a real class environment. A great and unique product."

Aileen Gillaco

"I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes parents have questioned my pronunciation and accent. Using the phonics videos in class and encouraging my students to review them at home with the video lessons have helped me solve this problem. Thank you! "

About Me

My name is Andrew Colin Cilliers.

I came to Asia to teach English in 2005. Since then, I’ve taught children and adults from all over the world. I’ve taught both online and in kindergartens, primary schools, language centres and also privately.

I started teaching my own private students in 2008 and quickly realised that I was spending most of my time trying to find and organise material to teach. I bought tons of EFL and ESL content online as well as mainstream curriculums but always faced the same problems:

  1. Much of the content wasn’t relevant or interesting for my students and didn’t match the level of my students. Some parts of a curriculum or course were too difficult and other parts too easy – there wasn’t a good enough balance. I was still spending most of my time trying to find and organise material to teach.
  2. Not enough content. Especially with private classes, a teacher can get through a lot of content. Often, I was back at square one in a few months or a semester after going through most or all of what was offered. Another issue was that the content was often not well enough connected to previously learnt content. More often than not it was once off learning and my students would forget previously learnt content too quickly.

I decided to start developing the ICSE (I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH) curriculum and teaching system in 2010 to help solve the above problems. I spent 5 years developing it. During the development years, I was using it for my teaching to see what worked and what didn’t. It was quite a process.

Since then, I’ve updated it a few times (and will continue to do so) in an effort to create a curriculum and teaching system that is professional, extensive and organised for teachers as well as fun, interesting and educational for students.


What are parents saying?

Karl Johan Benson

"We are expats and my children learn and speak the local language at school and their mother tongue at home. We needed to give our kids more exposure to English. The ICSE system has worked out so well for our children. My wife and I both work so the extra bits like the video lessons, sight word and phonics videos are great for home review. The curriculum is fantastic and the constant reviewing of content works well and that has given my children a huge confidence boost. The simple layout of the content and how it allows my children to expand and use their own English has helped them advance quickly."

Sara Yang

"When my daughter started, she was not at the same English level as the other students and the group of kids she was joining were already in level 2. She stayed behind the other kids for about 2 months. During those 2 months, the differentiation was applied to her during classes and at home, I did the review videos with her for about 10 minutes twice a week and in the car on the way to English class. After 2 months, I was amazed, she had caught up to the other students and the confidence she has shown since was so pleasing for me to see."

Dong YingYing

"My kids love the class style and games. They have fun and that is important for me because they have a lot of homework every day. But it is also important that they learn. This system has a quite unique approach to English language learning compared to many other systems I have researched. ‘The ICSE System’ document really helped me understand a lot about how language learning works and how each part of the curriculum works. It made me feel confident that I was making the right choice. I really believe in this system because it is based on how the brain functions when you learn something."

Li Ying

"My son loves this course. It allows him to express himself. The storyboard method really tests his ability to think in English. It gives him the opportunity to think of his own words and not just the words in the book. He likes to talk to native English speakers a lot even if he doesn’t know them but before he never knew what to say or talk about. Now he knows about lots of topics and knows how to ask many questions and how to make his own questions. He remembers a lot of what he learns because of review games and how the English is always being repeated."

Yang LingChao

"The built-in repetition is excellent. You can see it easily inside the unit, between the units with the games and between levels with the topics. The book layout is simple. It is easy for me to follow what my girls are doing and learning. The ‘Notes’ section in every unit is interesting to keep an eye on because you can see how the repetition is being implemented as you go through the course."

Amanda Feng

"My daughter, Candice, enjoys the board and card games and I like how the storyboard pictures test her. I like the evaluation system because I can see how she is doing at that moment in time and what she is excelling at and what she is struggling with. That helps me and the teacher to know where improvements can be made."

Johan Hammerlund

"It’s great! I love playing the different board games at home with Simon. He went from saying single words to making sentences by himself surprisingly quickly. He enjoys the games during his classes and always looks forward to going to class. I like that his ability to think independently is tested in each unit through multiple sections. I’m very grateful!"

But wait there’s more...

Limited-Time Bonuses


  1. Curriculum-Specific Phonics Programme - Each unit has a phonics video that’s related to the content in that unit. A great tool to use in class (suggested method of use is explained in the training) and for students to review at home.
  2. Curriculum-Specific Sight Words Videos - A video for each unit that reviews the sight words used in that unit. Great for word recognition and another great tool to use in class (suggested method of use is explained in the training) and for students to review at home.
  3. Free Access to future updates.
  4. Your very own Marketing Package that includes:
    • The ICSE System document, which explains in detail and with images all you need to know about this curriculum.
    • Videos that explain in detail all you need to know about this curriculum.
    • A FAQ document.
    • This is great for showing students’ parents so that they have an understanding of how it all works, thus giving them the feeling of being in safe hands.
  5. 3 Phonics decks of cards - and how to integrate them into the Game Revision System.
  6. 2 Sight Word decks of cards - and how to integrate them into the Game Revision System.
Why this is so VALUABLE to you?

Let Me Break This Down for You

This is what you’re getting:

  1. A professional and proven curriculum suitable for EFL and ESL students. The curriculum is presented in a perfectly organised system with a teaching method to go with it. Broken down into 3 levels, 12 units per level (4 to 5 years of content). Suitable for both online and classroom teaching. Featuring:
    • Vocabulary (391 key vocabulary words).
    • Sentence Structures (120 sentence structures).
    • Stories (36 stories including 12 dialogues using our unique storyboard method).
    • Describing Pictures (24 pictures for the students to describe).
    • Sight words (108 of the most common sight words used repeatedly).
    • Grammar (tenses of verbs and degrees of comparison of adjectives).
    • Questions - (165 questions).
    • Jokes, Riddles, Idioms - (36 jokes, riddles, and idioms).
    • Curriculum-specific card games - 12 decks of cards with the same pictures and content used in the units.
    • Curriculum-specific board games - 36 board games (a topic-specific board game per unit).
    • Curriculum-specific flashcards - over 470 flashcards (vocabulary and storyboards).
  2. Worksheets - (worksheets for every unit in each level, over 100 pages).
  3. Benchmarks and Evaluation Method (for each unit).
  4. Built-in Differentiation and Expansion (for each unit).
  5. 3 Unique Built-in Revision features (including the Game Revision System).
  6. Unique Storyboard Method (gets students speaking grammatically correct English, a huge hit with parents).
  7. In-Depth EFL Training Course (covering how to teach each section of a unit and how to create and maintain classroom management).

Value - $499

PLUS These Bonuses:

  1. Curriculum-Specific Phonics Videos
    (36 videos) one for each unit PLUS extras.
  2. Curriculum-Specific Sight Word Videos
    (36 videos) one for each unit PLUS extras.
  3. Free Access to Future Updates.
  4. Your Marketing Package - great for showing students’ parents.
  5. 3 Phonics Decks of Cards and how to use them.
  6. 2 Sight Word Decks of Cards and how to use them.

Value - $199

Total value of $698

Amazingly, you get all of the above for the once-off low price of...


That’s MORE THAN 75% OFF!

But wait, right now for you, it’s also available for just...


That's only $7.50/month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

ICSE - I Can Speak English.

You can’t buy individual units. Once payment is made, you have access to the entire package. Furthermore, you can randomly pick any unit in any level and that unit will serve you well as a great once off lesson or for several lessons.

Everything is available on our platform. Once payment is made, you have access to the platform. All content is printable and can be displayed (IOS app also available). In other words, if you don’t want to print something you can display it on a computer screen, TV, projector screen, smartboard etc. Most content is downloaded such as the worksheets, video lessons, phonics videos, sight word videos, flashcards and more, to share with your students. The platform is accessible from anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

Absolutely! The curriculum is perfectly suited for both EFL online teaching and classroom teaching. The game revision system involves playing printed out card games and board games, so that obviously isn’t practical for online teaching but everything else most certainly is.

It’s for anyone who has the simple basics in place, regardless of age. It’s a good match for students who are starting Grade 1, who have had some exposure to English from their kindergarten experience. I would recommend that students start this course when they are in Grade 1 or Grade 2 or the last level of kindergarten (if they are advanced). It’s best suited for EFL and ESL students between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.

Absolutely yes! The EFL training course walks you through all you need to know about teaching each section found in the units as well as how to set up your class, class time management and control, lesson plan breakdown, semester plan breakdown, and much more. It’s a very useful and practical course for a newbie (as well as for an experienced teacher) and includes class time videos so that you can see all the teaching skills and techniques you’ll need in action.

No! You can apply these teaching methods and classroom management techniques to most EFL situations you’ll find yourself in.

This curriculum was designed for:

  • Teachers who need quality content to teach their EFL or ESL students.
  • Parents who want to teach their own child/children.
  • Anyone who needs a professional curriculum and teaching method to teach EFL or ESL students.

Yes! Parents can go through the training as well. A few sections of the training won’t be relevant to parents but most will be. The training will cover all a parent needs to know about how to teach their child/children using this curriculum. Another option for parents would be to hire a private teacher to teach the curriculum and that teacher can undergo the training.

To give you an idea, teaching once a week for 90 minutes to 2 hours (32 - 40 weeks a year):

For a group of 4 to 6 students, there is enough content, if used properly, for 4 years. Generally, 1 year for level 1, 18 months for level 2 and 18 months for level 3.

For a group of 8 students, there is enough content, if used properly, for 5 years.

For a single student (teaching one on one), there is enough content, if used properly, for more or less 3 years.

Please note: the above can vary depending on the age and level of the student/s.

No! Our teaching methods work very well and go hand in hand with the curriculum. If you are confident in your own teaching abilities then you can use your own teaching method/style.

Of course, you can! My contact details are available on the platform. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help you and make your teaching experience easier!