ICSE’s EFL Curriculum and EFL Training Course

A tradition of excellence in training EFL students to retain learnt content through creative repetition.

Our Objective

We aim to give students a solid English foundation on which they can build.

We aim to provide a solid, basic working knowledge of the English language that will not be forgotten easily because of our unique, constant and creative repetition features that will help transfer learnt content from short to long-term memory efficiently, while at the same time providing teachers with enough quality content to present in an easy-to-follow step-by-step fashion to a diverse group of students.

What makes us unique:

  1. 3 Unique Built-in Repetition Features:
    • (A) 'Short Term' Repetition (within each unit)
    • (B) 'Medium Term' Repetition (between units), featuring the Game Revision System
    • (C) 'Long Term' Repetition (between levels)
  2. The Storyboard Method
  3. Built-in Differentiation and Expansion
  4. Special Focus on Independent Thinking
  5. Unique Evaluation Method
How do people learn?

The brain works like this...

Learning something new means re-arranging the way our brains work.

Our brain has a hundred billion brain cells all connected together. Learning is about creating and strengthening pathways through these brain cells for impulses of electricity. But between each and every connection in our brains, there is a tiny gap called a synapse.

For any of us to learn something new the electrical signal has to jump across this gap to continue its trip.

It's like building a bridge over a river.
Starting to build the bridge is very difficult.

The first time a signal crosses from one brain cell to the other is the most difficult and it is the same when starting to build the first section of a bridge. But after the first section, it gets easier and a bridge starts forming.

Then day after day, with more and more work, it gets stronger until it’s finished and it’s effortless to cross the river – hooray! New information has successfully been transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Therefore, if there is no constructive repetition built into a curriculum, it will be very easy to forget newly learnt information.

About the curriculum

The ICSE Curriculum works like this...

The ICSE Curriculum incorporates constructive and continuous repetition to help students transfer learnt content from short to long term-memory. In other words, our curriculum is designed to remind students of learnt content frequently so that maximum retention takes place.

A simple example:

A student learns a new word and tries to remember it, but five minutes later it’s forgotten. If the student were to be reminded of it within five minutes, it would be remembered for longer. After that, the student would need another reminder.

Each time the student is reminded, he or she remembers the word for longer until he or she remembers the word without being reminded because the new word has been transferred from their short to long-term memory.

Each time a student begins to forget learnt content, chances are they’ll be reminded of it through one of the three main revision features.

With this remarkably effective method, newly learnt content progresses from short to long-term memory more effectively.

4 to 5 Years of Quality Content

With 36 comprehensively designed units spread over 3 levels, you simply won’t run out of quality content anytime soon. Additionally, we’re consistently bringing back learnt content to maximise retention through our 3 unique repetition features.

Built-in Unique Features

Built-in Differentiation and Expansion as well as the Game Revision System and the Storyboard Method are designed to help teach a diversified group of students to build on learnt content, help retain learnt content and help them to think independently.

In-Depth Training Course

Over 8 hours of EFL teacher training that covers everything from lesson planning to classroom management and involves both simple and complex teaching techniques and concepts. Suitable for new and experienced teachers.